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2About Than Merrill

Than is short for Nathaniel. Nathaniel is a national real estate investing expert. He has been on television, has many business books and has presented at many events across the country. Nathaniel is the founder of CT homes, LLC and the founder and CEO of Fortune Builders. He is one of the most influential real estate investors and educators in the country. He has spoke at many events sharing the stage with others including:

  • Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • Tony Robbins
  • Sarah Palin
  • Donald Trump
  • Robert Kiyosaki

In 2014, his book The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible became the best-selling real estate investing book. In 2015, the book named The E-Myth Real Estate Investor was another best-seller. He resides in Southern California where his real estate business is located and he will have anywhere from 20-40 active real estate projects that he is working on most of the time. Nathaniel really likes to spend time with his family, his wife and son. Him and his wife started a non-profit organization called the Equal Footing Foundation that helps educate and promote health, sports, coaching and education with kids. This non-profit organization will take volunteers to help him.

Nathaniel Merrill’s Books

These books will give you the knowledge for either just starting out in a real estate investment business or they will give you knowledge for very much so helping an existing company’s production. These books have very good advice that you are able to understand and apply very easily. The books available include:

  • The E-Myth Real Estate Investor
  • The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible

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